As we approach a busy holiday season, managing your podcast may feel a little more overwhelming than normal! In today’s episode, I’m sharing how you can set your podcast up for success this holiday season without adding more work to your plate! Listen in as I share a few tips for the holidays, content ideas for the end of the year, and a few ideas for repurposing content!

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Considerations for not taking a break from your podcast:

  1. Consistency and audience retention.
  2. Marketing strategy.
  3. Revenue opportunities.

3 Tips for Managing Your Podcast Through the Holidays:

  1. Work ahead.
  2. Be strategic and intentional. (breaking on holiday weeks if neccessary)
  3. Approach your content with ease, simplicity, and strategy.

Three Types of Light-Weight Content Ideas to Consider:

  1. End-of-year wrap ups/themes.
  2. Case Studies or showcase your clients with sourced audio.
  3. Repurpose content. (we’ve talked about this in recent episodes too.

Podcast Repurposing Ideas

  1. Re-airing an older episode of yours (including a new intro to explain).
  2. Airing a podcast episode where you were a guest (intro to explain).
  3. I’m personally toying with airing episodes from my client’s podcasts in the new year, but you could consider it if any of your students have mentioned your programs in their content.
  4. I’ve also had clients do “a look inside” where they air coaching calls, similar to how you record your guest episodes live within your group!
  5. I’ve also done a collection of responses from other… this takes a little more coordination, but here is an example:

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