A business podcast should serve the audience, along with the business itself. Look at it this way, if your clients are happy then the company will flourish and bring in more revenue. Many businesses begin podcasts with the intention of educating fellow business owners about their services or industry, if that’s you, then this article is just for you!

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10 Topic Ideas for Business Podcasts

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Here are 10 podcast topics you can use on your business podcast when you’re feeling stuck on new ideas! These topics will allow you to educate your audience on different business ideas, programs to use, and the essentials of how to start and run a business from your perspective!

1. How to find your target audience

You likely had to do some research to find your target audience when you got started, or maybe you stumbled into it. Sharing how you found your audience, measures you recommend to build that audience, and steps your audience can take will help them start the process. 


2. How to turn your business idea into a reality

The first step to turning your business idea into a reality is deciding what you want from your business. What did that process look like for you and what are 5 action steps your listeners can take to get started on launching their dream business too?


3. How to grow your business

If you’re at the point in your business that you’ve started a podcast to promote and market your business, you’ve likely built something big. If you could tell someone one way that you’d recommend growing their business in your industry, what would that be?


4. The importance of building a branded business

To brand your business, you need to have a specific aesthetic for both the look and wording that your company chooses to use. The look and wording of your brand tell the story of how you want your audience to view your company. If you’ve invested in branding, how has that impacted the inquiries you receive, the services you provide, and the clients you’ve acquired?


5. 4 tools you need in you business

Now, this is one of my favorite topics to hear, because I love knowing what other business owners are using in their business, but also why they chose them. The number of tools you use can fluctuate, but sharing those tools will help your audience get started in your respective industry. For example, in my own business, 4 important tools I use include:

  • Quickbooks: This is a great source for financial management. It helps you keep track of accounting, taxes, invoices, etc. 
  • Honeybook: They are the best for customer relationship management (CRM). They make it easy for businesses to manage projects, book clients, sign contracts, etc.
  • Flodesk: This brand simplifies email marketing and makes it manageable for people that don’t have any background in this field.
  • WordPress: This Content management system (CMS) helps making web content simple. You can easily build and edit your website with this application.


6. Where to find inspiration for your business

As an entrepreneur and business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in a rut and lose inspiration in your business. Where are you finding inspiration to stay motivated, creative, and empowered?


7. Platforms to use to market your business

Every single business is different, along with every industry—where are you seeing the best results for marketing in your business and industry? This information can help your listeners build out really great strategies without having to go through the testing phase.


8.  Lessons I learned while starting my business

We’ve all made mistakes in our businesses—I get it. It is so easy to look past them and not appreciate the lessons they’ve taught us. If you were to think back on the biggest mistakes you made, what lessons did they teach you and how can you help your audience learn from your mistakes?


9. How to provide amazing customer service

Communicating and understanding your clients needs are some of the top ways you can keep your clients happy. Are there any tips, tricks, or tools that have helped you navigate and create and amazing customer service experience?


10. What to do when you feel burnt out

Feeling burnt out as a business owner is more common than one would think. What are a few ways you’ve combatted the burnout in business? This is also a time to be vulnerable with your podcast and share about seasons where you’ve felt burnout, how you handled it, and how you adjusted so it didn’t happen again.


While these 10 topics are a great starting point for your business podcast, it’s important that you’re developing content that is valuable to your unique audience based on your unique expertise! If you’re still stuck on what to talk about on your business podcast, we offer content strategy days at Gaffin Creative to help you strategically plan out your podcast content in a way that serves both your business and your audience! Head over to gaffincreative.com/vipday to book your session today!

Download the List:
10 Topic Ideas for Business Podcasts

Want to take this full list of podcast business topic ideas with you? Make sure to download the full list below!