If you’re a new podcast host, the thought of needing relationships with podcast publicists and pitching agencies may seem far off, but trust me, it can happen way faster than you imagine!

As your podcast grows and gains clout in the industry, all of a sudden everyone will want to be a guest on your show. You’ll go from asking your friends to come on your show as a favor to receiving professional pitches. 

How do you handle the shift, and why is maintaining good relationships with a podcast publicist and pitching agency important? We’re breaking it all down in this guide.

How to Approach Podcast Guest Pitches

It will feel like a huge honor to receive tons of podcast guest pitches, and it is! However, don’t let that feeling get in the way of your strategy. Don’t say yes to every guest pitch out of obligation. Ask yourself the following questions first:

  1. Is this guest right for my show?
  2. Does their message align with my overarching theme?
  3. Do they have something new to offer my listeners?
  4. Are they trying to make a genuine connection, or do they just want to use my platform?

Even if someone isn’t right for your show, you should still respond to their pitch. Read more about how to politely decline podcast guest pitches here.

If the pitch came from a podcast publicist or pitching agency, it’s even more important to respond kindly (whether it’s a yes or a no) so that you maintain good relationships with them.

Why You Need to Maintain Relationships with Podcast Publicists and Pitching Agencies

Podcast publicists and pitching agencies work hard to make sure that their pitches are professional and a right fit for the shows that they’re pitching to. They want you to value their pitches so that you not only say yes, but you come back to them in the future. 

When a pitch comes from a publicist or pitching agency, you already know that you can take it more seriously than when a guest pitches themself.

Here’s why you want to maintain great relationships with podcast publicists and pitching agencies:

  1. Even if this pitch isn’t a great fit, they may have other clients who are
  2. You want them to continue pitching to you
  3. They have connections that you can utilize to grow your business
  4. You never know when your ideal guest is their client
  5. You may hire them for yourself in the future

This business relationship is a two-way street. They may be coming to you with their clients now, but in the future, they could have a client that you’d love to land on your show. Having a great relationship with them makes it way more likely that you can get that guest. 

Plus, you never know when you’re going to need to hire a podcast publicist or pitching agency for yourself, and it would be better to hire someone that you already have a professional relationship with because you know they’ll do a good job.

How to Maintain Relationships with Podcast Publicists and Pitching Agencies

The best way to maintain any professional relationship is to keep communication open. When a podcast publicist or pitching agency sends you a pitch, respond to it promptly and thank them for thinking of you. Even if the pitch isn’t a good fit for your podcast, let them know that the door is open for them to continue sending you pitches.

If you aren’t accepting pitches right now, let them know that you appreciate their work and will be in touch when you’re ready to receive them again. 

If there are podcast publicists and pitching agencies that haven’t pitched to you yet but you want to form a relationship with, shoot them an email introducing yourself. Tell them about your show and let them know what types of guests you look for to bring on.

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