Creating and implementing contracts is a part of business ownership that no one wants to talk about, but as a podcast host or producer, it’s crucial that you don’t skip it. Any time services and money are exchanged, there needs to be a contract involved. 

In this guide, we’re going to look at how podcast hosts and producers can use contracts to ensure smooth working relationships. Let’s dive in!

Contracts For Podcast Hosts and Producers: Why Are They Important?

As a podcast host, bringing on a producer is a big milestone that you’re probably been working towards. Your producer can take some of your major podcast responsibilities off your plate and uplevel the quality of your podcast. 

But before you start working with them, you both need to sign a contract. Not only will you need to use one for your podcast producer, but you’ll also need to use a contract for an independent contractor before you bring on any contract employees for your podcast.

Contracts don’t just protect you from legal troubles. They set up clear parameters for your working relationships. If one party goes outside of the parameters or doesn’t live up to their contractual agreements, you can point back to the agreement you made with them.

As a podcast producer, I personally love the contracts from The Legal Paige. They’re easy to use, clear, and concise. Once you draft a contract, whether or not you use The Legal Paige or write your own, you should have a lawyer review it to make sure it fits your needs and particular services. 

While many small businesses are working primarily with independent contractors, The Legal Paige also has a contract template with important tax information for bringing on a full-time employee. You can show all contracts at The Legal Paige here.

Ready to Work With a Podcast Producer?

Using contracts with everyone you work with will make podcasting smoother and more fun. If you’re ready to work with a podcast producer to help you bring your dream podcast to life, contact me to schedule a one-on-one consultation

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