Spotify has quickly grown to become one of the most popular platforms for podcast listening. As they’ve grown, Spotify has updated its podcast charts to help growing podcasts connect with new audiences. A refreshed algorithm and expanded charts provide a larger platform for more podcasts to gain recognition and growth. 

What You Need to Know about Spotify Podcast Rankings

 Here is what you need to know about Spotify’s podcast rankings.

Chart Categories 

Top Podcasts

The Top Podcasts is the ultimate chart of the top-ranking shows in your region. This chart features 200 of the highest-ranking podcasts for each region. According to Spotify, this category is determined by follower counts and the number of recent unique listeners. 

Trending Podcasts

This chart features podcasts that are quickly gaining popularity on Spotify. As a growing podcast, this is an opportunity to be featured with more prominent shows. 

Category Charts 

The Category Charts are broken down by specific genres including comedy, true crime, education, news, and more! Each category will feature the top 50 shows in that genre in your region. This category breakdown gives you a chance to connect with fans of your genre! 

Top Episodes

The Top Episodes chart is unique in that instead of featuring shows with overall followers and listeners, it focuses on episodes gaining popularity. Single episodes may get shared and listened to more than the entire show, this chart helps the show gain recognition for this. An individual episode can be featured on this chart, then listeners are able to discover and listen to past episodes, and connect with your show. 

How to Know When You’re Charting

Spotify for Podcaster’s dashboard is your one-stop to find out when and where your show is ranking! Here, you can find out what chart and region you’re on and what your position on that chart is. These are daily updated charts, so check back often to see where you’re at. 

This new feature will also allow you to create and share a customized image displaying your show cover and your chart ranking. This is a great promotional tool you can share with your audience to let them see your accomplishment and encourage them to keep supporting your show. 

Spotify’s Tips 

It may seem impossible to reach a top 50 or even top 200 chart when you’re just starting out, but Spotify has provided some tips to help!

Promote your show across all your social media channels! Use every platform relevant to your audience and promote, promote, promote. Working with other podcasters can also boost your exposure. Being featured as a guest on a larger show is not only a great learning experience but a great way to reach a larger audience. 

Double-check your category tags on your podcast hosting site. You want to be sure that your genre accurately reflects the content of your show. Spotify users browsing category charts can then discover your show! 

Spotify points out that the algorithm is largely based on listeners. So, once again, promote your show to your audience! Show them how to connect with you and follow your podcast on Spotify to receive new episode notifications. 

This update in Spotify’s Podcast Rankings creates more room for podcasts on the rise to gain recognition. Using these charts to your advantage can help you grow your audience and reach new listeners. 

What You Need to Know about Spotify Podcast Rankings

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