Being a guest on podcasts can help grow your brand, influence, and eligibility to speak on stages. Once you’ve been accepted as a guest on a podcast, the host or producer will likely reach out for your assets or media kit.

Let’s make their job a little easier by creating a hub or a landing page that houses everything they need!

podcast guest media kit

As a producer myself, I know just how valuable a well done media kit is for guests and podcast managers. I like to reach out on behalf of my clients to gather their guest’s assets or media kit. In doing this, I’m asking for everything I’ll need from them in order to finalize their podcast episode!

If you’re looking to stand out as a guest to podcast hosts and producers so that they’ll remember how you simplified their workflow, here are a few of the basics to include in your podcast guest media kit:

Brand Photos + Headshots

The host of the podcast will likely want to see how you present yourself and your brand. Including professional photos that reflect your personality and brand. They’ll use these photos to create the cover photo for your episode and social media graphics for you and them to promote your episode. The more options you provide, the more graphics they can create!

Social Media + Website Links

If you’re doing the front end work of listing out all of the places the podcast’s listeners can find you, the podcast producer will likely include all of those links you provide in the show notes! This is important for your SEO, your reach, and your potential social media growth from the podcast episode.

Additionally, if you’ve created a free resource that you want to drive the audience to, this is another important link to include! Even if the free resource doesn’t come up in the show, the podcast can still include it for those listeners who check out the show notes!


Many podcasts will include a quick introduction at the beginning of the episode by reading your bio or they’ll include it in the show notes of your episode! This allows listeners to get to know you before they listen. By providing your preferred bio, you’re adding less work on the host, while also ensuring that you’re being portrayed to match the brand you’ve built. 


If you own a brand or are an affiliate of another brand, it’s important to include your logos for each of those brands on your media kit landing page. This will allow easy access to those assets for the podcast producer or host!

Potential Topics

As an expert or educator in your field, it’s important to highlight the topics (title included) that you know you can present well. This allows for the podcast host to pull your preferred episode title from your media kit and use it on their show. Additionally, it allows them to see if any of your other topics fit their audience, giving you an opportunity to join them for an additional episode in the future.

Combining all of these elements into one beautiful landing page allows you to stand out. Podcast hosts looking for a guest to feature can easily browse through what you present and see that you’re the guest they’ve been looking for, while also recommending you to other podcasts as a prepared and helpful guest!