As a podcast host, you want to turn your target audience into loyal listeners with easy, automated systems. One of the simplest systems you can use is your show description. 

The show description is an opportunity to welcome new listeners and tell them exactly what to expect from your podcast. Trust me, you don’t want to leave it blank or throw up a couple of sentences without thinking it through. The show description is valuable real estate that you can use to convert visitors into listeners and grow your podcast audience.

Things to Include in Your Podcast Show Description

First, introduce yourself and what you do with a short bio. Keep in mind that most people listen to podcasts on their cell phones, so they’re reading your description from their phone too. You want to structure the text in a readable format that they can breeze through to get what they need.

Introduce your podcast title next, and include a few sentences about your audience and your niche. You want your readers to quickly understand if your podcast is for them or not, so keep it specific and concise. 

Next, encourage readers to subscribe, and tell them what days they can expect a new episode to drop into their podcast player.

If your podcast is sponsored, you can also include info on your sponsor and any discount codes you have with them. Lastly, add a call to action so that they can connect with you further. Whether you want to direct them to your website or social channels, they need to know where to find you outside of the podcast space.

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With a thoughtfully crafted show description, you can automatically convert potential listeners into loyal fans of your podcast. For more tips and guides to podcasting and entrepreneurship, subscribe to my podcast, Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin. Let’s get back to work!