Producers can take the work off your plate and execute your ideas behind the scene. They help maintain your podcast by editing, scheduling, managing, and bringing your visions to life. 

Manage Your Podcast

Your producer can keep up with all the nitty gritty behind the scenes details of your podcast, such as the project management, due dates and more. A podcast producer will make sure that everything goes properly so that you can focus on having valuable conversations.

Edit Your Podcast

A podcast producer will also handle the time-consuming task of editing your podcast. This includes putting your intro, outro, and ads into your audio, in addition to taking our all of the filler words and mistakes. Whether you know how to edit a podcast or not, having a producer that’s able to edit your podcast takes one of the many tasks off your shoulders as a podcaster.

Write Your Podcast Show Notes

Many podcasts will include a description to entice a potential listener and show notes that help the listener review what they heard in the show and reference the conversation. These can be created while listening to and editing the episode. Additionally, this will include the links mentioned in the show and a transcript of the episode.

Create Graphics

Every episode needs to be promoted and podcast graphics are the start of this plan. Depending on the producer you hire, they’ll create podcast graphics for you to use from either a custom design or a template. This includes cover, pinterest, blog graphics, and more!

Upload and Schedule the Podcast Episodes

Your producer can also make sure that your podcast is uploaded to both the podcast hosting platform and your blog with the player embedded. They can schedule the episodes so you can work ahead of time.

Building a Podcast Strategy

While sometimes podcast producers work on the production side, others will work on the strategy side! If you’re looking to grow your business through your podcast, having someone who is able to build, manage, and execute the plan is a great addition to your team!

As a podcast producer myself, I have a couple of packages for podcast production clients that allow for a range of budgets and responsibilities. I can manage everything from editing their podcast to ensuring that it goes out on time, to strategically creating a content plan for their business. The right producer will work to bring their clients ideas to life. 

If you’re ready to bring on a podcast producer, I’d love to chat about what this could look like for you and if Gaffin Creative is the right fit! You can inquire here and we’ll jump on a consult call to see what will best serve your podcast and business.