3 graphics you need for your podcast

I know just how much time it takes to plan out a podcast and launch. You probably spent a lot of time and care in planning, prepping, and creating your podcast.. or maybe you’re just getting started! If you’re still in the research phase of your podcast, I have the resource for you—Podcast Launch Kit, the podcast course for beginners. Either way, you’ll need graphics for your podcast!

Now it’s time to bring in the listeners! One major element of drawing in new audiences is great graphics. Listeners scrolling on podcasting platforms take a few seconds to glance over podcast graphics. Your graphics can make or break your chance to entice listeners. Let’s talk about the 3 types of graphics you need to grab listeners’ attention.

Podcast Cover

If you’ve ever browsed podcasts on any platform, you’ve seen a lot of podcast covers. This graphic represents your podcast as a whole. Your cover is essentially the face of your show, the first thing a listener will likely see. It’s your first impression with anyone looking for a podcast. This graphic may be the most important of all. Use this graphic to visually demonstrate the type of podcast you are creating. Utilize a cohesive brand look with colors and images that reflect you and your show.

Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin is a podcast for entrepreneurs and professionals looking for insider insight into podcasting or becoming your own boss. This cover is simple yet effective in portraying the fun, friendly, encouraging sound of Clocking In.

clocking in with Haylee Gaffin

Episode Cover

Your episode cover is similar to your show cover, yet it varies across each episode. This graphic should feel consistent across all episodes with changes to reflect the episode title and a relevant image. This adds some variation and intrigue across your podcast’s page. With this cover, you have a chance to give a visual synopsis of the episode. Intrigue listeners to tune into the episode with an interesting title and graphic. This is also where you can feature any guests that are on the episode. You’ll want to use your brand colors and photos here as well!

clocking in with haylee gaffin episode cover

For example, this episode cover displays the title of the episode and uses a simple and relevant image to grab attention.

If you are publishing your episodes on a blog or website, you’ll also need in-line graphics to fit the width of your webpage. You can easily repurpose this episode cover to fit your episode pages.

Social Media Graphics

This last type of graphic is a broad category in which you can experiment and create a wide variety of content. Advertising your podcast across your social media platforms is crucial in growing your podcast. Creating and posting visually enticing graphics is one simple way to encourage your followers to discover your podcast. One simple way to do this is by repurposing your cover graphics. Posting these graphics on episode launches as posts or stories will let your followers know that you’ve released new content.

Other types of social media graphics can be quotes you pull from the episode, interactive features like polls to encourage engagement, or simply variations of your cover as a promo for your show as a whole. This is where you can get creative and provide content that your audience enjoys and connects with.

These are just three types of graphics that we think are necessary for launching your podcast. Every podcast is different, so play around with your graphics and find out what works for you and your show!

3 graphics you need for your podcast

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