There is so much power in podcasting, for your brand, your business, but also yourself. My podcast client, Quianna of Quianna Marie Weekly invited me to sit down for a discussion about podcasting on her podcast.

I’m honored that Quianna asked me to join her in episode 19 of Quianna Marie Weekly in an episode titled The Power in Podcasting.

On Quianna Marie Weekly, each episode is directed to photographers and small business owners that want to build a living brand. Through encouragement, marketing hacks, social media education and inspiration to do what you love and call it work, Quianna has sprinkled in stories and interviews with past clients, photographers and other business owners. This podcast is designed to help you step into your purpose and to truly create a life you’re proud of, a life worth photographing and sharing.

The Power in Podcasting

Podcasting has allowed me to make life-changing decisions, therefore, I truly believe in what it does and represents for others. Since 2017, I’ve found so much value in podcasts through listening to them and working on them. Podcasting is ultimately what led me to pursue entrepreneurship full-time.

I went from believing that I’d never pursue entrepreneurship full-time to doing it out of necessity during the pandemic. In this conversation with Quianna, we discuss why I never took my photography business full-time, the experience I had during the pandemic that led me to full-time entrepreneurship, and how I transitioned into a role that best fit me.

In addition, we also cover how Quianna’s brand and personal life have been impacted by podcasting. From storytelling to bringing her clients on a journey with her, Quianna’s podcast has allowed her audience to build genuine connections with her.

Building a Podcast that Serves Your Brand

Now, if you’re brand new to podcasting, we also cover some really valuable topics in this conversation, like the importance of a goal before you start your podcast, how you can monetize your podcast with and without sponsors, and when you should start pitching yourself for other brands.

I’m a firm believer that you can build a podcast that serves your brand and it doesn’t have to fit the mold oof what everyone else is doing.

Determining Your Goal

You can only measure your podcast success based on the goal you have—but you have to start with a goal. Your goal could be to serve your audience, build brand awareness, or grow your email list. Whatever goal you choose, it will play into every decision you make for your podcast, but will also help you build a podcast that best serves your brand.

Monetizing Your Podcast

Monetizing is a great goal for your podcast, but there are also a ton of opportunities for you to actually monetize. One of the best ways is to promote your own products and services on your show. This marketing strategy can create so much traffic for your brand from an audience you’re already serving. Other ways you can monetize are through ad sponsorships, or even with affiliate programs.

Creating a Resource Content Bank

While your goals may not include building out a resource hub for your audience, this is something you can do with your podcast by creating content based on questions from your audience. These episodes will quickly become a resource for your audience and potential clients that you can quickly reference in DMs and emails!

Whatever your plans are for a podcast, I do believe there is so much power in podcasting. Make sure you give my episode with Quianna on Quianna Marie Weekly a listen!

If you’re ready to launch a podcast of your own, I’d love to chat about what that could look like! You can check out my one-on-one services here and book a consult call or take the DIY approach by enrolling in Podcast Launch Kit!