Podcast Statistics Report Template


Your podcast numbers may feel overwhelming and hard to track and understand, but this plug & play Canva template will help you review your monthly numbers in an easily digestible way. Simply plug in your own numbers each month and review your progress over time.

At Gaffin Creative, we use this exact report for our podcast clients each month to make it easy for them to review their podcast success or where they could improve!

Please note, this template does include placeholder numbers that you will need to update with your own when you download it. To get the most out of the template, duplicate the page each month and add in your new data.

Delivery of your Purchase: Your download file will be a PDF that includes your canva template link!

You can also hear more about my thoughts on podcast numbers and what to look for inside episode 67 of Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin.


Podcast Launch Kit

by Gaffin Creative

If you’re looking for a self-paced approach to launching your podcast, my DIY course might be the right fit for you! Podcast Launch Kit is the perfect beginner course for hopeful podcast hosts looking to create a podcast that serves their business. From planning out your podcast dream, to recording and producing quality audio, to implementing a content strategy, this course walks you through it all step-by-step.