Bundle: Podcast Email Templates


Looking to get all of our email templates? This email template bundle saves you a little over 20% verses when you buy them separately! Learn more about the Podcast Pitch Rejection Email Template, the Podcast Guest Copy and Paste Email Templates, and Email Templates for Asking Your Podcast Guest to Re-record below:

Podcast Pitch Rejection Email Templates

As a podcast host, you’re getting pitches all the time in your inbox, most of which probably aren’t a great fit! While you could easily just ignore these emails, it’s also really courteous to send over a quick response, even if it’s a no! In this pack of podcast rejection email templates, you’ll have templates for sayin you’re not taking applications to telling someone they’ve provided a bad pitch (in a kind way) to letting a guest know post-interview that you can’t air their show. The following templates are included in this template pack:

  • An Automated Response for Pitches
  • “Not Accepting Applications” Response Template
  • “Not a Good Fit” Response Template
  • “Not at This Time” Response Template
  • “That’s a Bad Pitch” Response Template
  • “Your Interview Wasn’t a Good Fit” Response Template
  • Bonus: The DM Responder (For Getting Pitches Out of Your DMs and Into Your Inbox)

This set of six email templates will be delivered via download upon checkout.

Podcast Guest Copy and Paste Email Templates

Aren’t sure how to pitch potential guests, or even how to communicate with them once they’re booked? This template pack comes with 6 email templates for podcast guest communication, including:

  • Pitching a Potential Guest
  • Scheduling an Interview with a Guest
  • Media Request (From Assistant)
  • Interview Prep (Tech & Question Guide) and Media Request
  • Episode is Going Live
  • Reminder: Your Episode is Live

This pack of templates will help guide you in communicating with your guests, while also preparing them for an interview and encouraging promotion of the show so you’re getting in front of their audience!

This set of six email templates will be delivered via download upon checkout.

Email Templates for Asking Your Podcast Guest to Re-record

As a podcast host, you’re there may come a time when you get a guest that’s episode just isn’t the right fit. There are a variety of reasons that you may need to re-record, heavily edit, or scrap an episode. In this email template packet, you’ll find the following emails:

  • Asking a guest to re-record
  • Notifying a guest of a major podcast edit (for approval)
  • Notifying a guest that you won’t be airing their episode

Each of these email templates come with three pre-established reasons that you can choose from to customize it based on your needs.


Podcast Launch Kit

by Gaffin Creative

If you’re looking for a self-paced approach to launching your podcast, my DIY course might be the right fit for you! Podcast Launch Kit is the perfect beginner course for hopeful podcast hosts looking to create a podcast that serves their business. From planning out your podcast dream, to recording and producing quality audio, to implementing a content strategy, this course walks you through it all step-by-step.