Podcast Planning Workbook | Becoming Boss Bundle


Do you have a podcast concept that you’re ready to create, but you aren’t sure what all goes into planning a podcast? This podcast planning digital workbook is for you! I’ve taken the guess work out of planning your podcast and outlined it all it this digital workbook!

Once you have the initial idea, you’ll need to build out all of the assets that make up your podcast, like the title, description, structure, scripts, music, content brainstorming, and so much more. This workbook will guide you through the development of your upcoming show to help you prepare for a launch. You can expect to complete the following with this workbook:

  • Determine Your Budget
  • Grab Your Gear
  • Define Your Goal
  • Name Your Podcast & Write the Description
  • Determine your Format, Structure, & Details
  • Select Your Music
  • Select Your Categories
  • Script Your Intro, Outro, & Trailer
  • Choose Branding & Create Graphic Templates
  • Brainstorm & Plan Your Content

Please note, this workbook will help guide you through the planning of your podcast, but not the launch process. If you need one-on-one guidance for launching your show, inquire with Gaffin Creative and we’ll help get your show on every platform!


Podcast Launch Kit

by Gaffin Creative

If you’re looking for a self-paced approach to launching your podcast, my DIY course might be the right fit for you! Podcast Launch Kit is the perfect beginner course for hopeful podcast hosts looking to create a podcast that serves their business. From planning out your podcast dream, to recording and producing quality audio, to implementing a content strategy, this course walks you through it all step-by-step.