Hosting a guest on your podcast can be so exciting! You as a host have the opportunity to learn from experts with your audience or just have a chat with a friend. Episodes that feature a guest can bring in new listeners as well provide something different to your established audience.

Preparing to interview a guest on your podcast takes quite a bit of planning to ensure your episode is a success. It isn’t always as simple as just sitting down and talking with your guest, there’s some prep work to be done.

organizing podcast interviews and setting your guests up for success

Clear communication is key!

There are so many specifics that come along with interviewing a guest on your podcast. It is super crucial to establish clear and open communication from the beginning to discourage any confusion. Every step from the invitation to scheduling and more requires every detail to be covered.

To elaborate, before you get too far ahead in planning your interview, you’ll have to invite a guest! This requires some reaching out, usually done through email to stay professional.

When your guest agrees to come on your show you’ll move on to scheduling. This can sometimes be pretty grueling and come with a lot of back and forth. You can cut some of this back and forth down by providing your schedule or utilize a scheduling software like Calendly!

Now it’s time to actually conduct the interview! Your guest’s time, as well as yours, is valuable. Clear communication from the start will prevent you both from wasting time when it comes to how you’ll host the interview, the technical aspects, and even the topics you’ll cover!

From here it’s important to continue the communication with your guest so they’re made aware of promos and when their episode goes live!

How To Communicate with Your Guests

So, clearly, the most important part of organizing your guest interview for your podcast is great communication! Yet, a lot of podcasters can find this challenging. You want your guest to know you value their voice and want them to be a part of your show. It’s crucial that you maintain professional communication with them so they know you take them and their time seriously.

It can be difficult to craft the perfect emails when working with a guest. Gaffin Creative knows this, so we’ve created the Podcast Guest Copy & Paste Email Templates! These fill-in-the-blank templates provide the words you’ve been looking for to communicate with your guests.

All you have to do is copy, paste, fill it with your specific information, and then send it off to your guests. These templates are crafted with professional, succinct language that provides you and your guest with the necessary information to host a successful guest interview! Spend less time in your inbox and more time creating. 

You can access the Podcast Guest Copy & Paste Email Templates and more podcast resources on the Gaffin Creative Podcast Shop!

organizing podcast interviews and setting your guests up for success