When you host a successful podcast, you will start getting pitches for guests and topic ideas all the time. While some pitches are the perfect match for your show, others won’t work. 

It’s important to have a professional plan to reject podcast pitches so that you can maintain relationships while focusing on what works for your podcast. Keep reading to learn how to reject a podcast pitch the right way.

Reasons to Reject a Podcast Guest

If you are just starting out with your podcast, it may feel like an honor that someone wants to pitch themselves to be on your show. If you’re a people pleaser, it’s easy to say yes to everyone for the sake of the relationship.

However, you need to listen to your gut and make sure that all of your podcast guests align with your goals for your show. Ask yourself these questions before accepting a podcast guest pitch:

  1. How many guest episodes do you have room for in your podcast season?
  2. Does this guest offer value to your ideal audience?
  3. Do they bring a new perspective to your audience?
  4. Does their topic fit within your podcast niche?
  5. Have you covered similar topics before?
  6. Do you have a preexisting relationship with another guest who could cover this topic?
  7. Is it the right time for this podcast guest to come on your show?
  8. Was their pitch thoughtful and well executed?

After answering each of those questions, ask yourself if this podcast guest pitch is really right for your show. Remember that you don’t always have to say no. Instead, you could say “not right now” instead to keep the door open to future collaboration.

Why You Should Respond to Podcast Guest Pitches

Even if you already know you’re going to reject a podcast guest pitch, you should always respond to them. If someone has taken the time to thoughtfully prepare a pitch for you, they deserve to know that it isn’t a good fit or the timing is right. 

You don’t have to delve into all of your reasons for rejecting their pitch, but a thoughtful response will maintain your professionalism in your industry. 

A response can also establish the type of relationship you want to have with them going forward. They will either walk away knowing that the door is closed for good and that they shouldn’t keep pitching themselves, or they will understand that there is potential to work together at a later date.

What to Include in Your Podcast Pitch Rejection

Responding to every podcast pitch is great, but responding correctly is even more important. This is especially true if you’re rejecting a podcast pitch. 

Keep your response kind, short, and to the point. Include the following details:

  1. Thank them for their interest and for taking the time to submit a podcast guest pitch
  2. Kindly (and briefly) let them know why you’re saying no
  3. Indicate if it is a no for good or a no for now
  4. Wish them luck in their future endeavors

Rejecting a podcast pitch isn’t the most fun part of your job, but if you do it the right way you can maintain your professionalism and relationships. Most importantly, it allows you to make the best long-term choice for your show. 

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