Podcasting is a great resource for creators and educators in every field. 

Creating and launching a great podcast requires some investment. The cost of equipment, membership fees for the necessary programs, any promotions you run, and all the other costs can quickly add up.  For many podcasters, these investments can be covered by revenue made through affiliate programs. 

How to Monetize Your podcast with affiliate programs

An affiliate program works similar to an advertisement – but instead of a sponsor paying you for the ad, they pay you a percentage of the sale made by your listener. Simply put, you mention a brand’s product or service and direct your audience to use a specific link or code when purchasing. Then the sponsor gives you a cut of the sale made. Sponsors risk less when partnering with a creator in this way. Because of this, smaller podcasters have a chance of making some money. This also gives you, as the promoter, more choice! You can be honest and authentic by promoting products that you support or you think is relevant to your listeners.

Ready to get started using affiliate links? There are many simple programs available to you. 

The simplest and most used affiliate program is Amazon. Your listeners probably already use Amazon, so this is the perfect service. The Amazon Associates program is simple to get started with. All you have to do is apply, be sure to read all their terms to make sure you’re eligible. Then, once you’re approved you can start recommending products with your custom links. From there it’s all up to your listeners. Once they make a purchase, you get a cut of the sale. 

There are some stipulations to the Associates program. If you don’t make a certain amount of sales in a period, you can go under review. So be sure, like we mentioned, to read all of the rules and terms. 

Other Programs also include ExpressVPN, Audible, SkillShare, and more. If there’s a product or service you love, reach out to them and it’s likely they can get you set up with your own link. 

Once you’ve worked with the sponsor to create an affiliate link, you can begin advertising! There are a few simple ways you can include this link. 

First, be sure to mention in your show. The way you do this is totally up to you. If it’s relevant to the conversation, include it! Or, give yourself an ad break between segments. You can even mention it towards the outro of an episode. Be honest with your audience when doing this. Mention that by using this link, the audience is helping you. Your listeners will want to support you, especially if you’re honest!

The next thing you’ll want to do is include your link in the show notes. This is super important! You want to make sure that the link or code your audience is using is yours. Misunderstandings and typos can be a result of only going by the audio, so direct your listeners to your show notes. From there, they can simply click the link! 

Now, you’re ready to start earning money for all the hard work you put into your podcast! These resources can be very beneficial to you, but remember to stay authentic with your audience. The more your listeners engage, the more they’ll know you. They will know when you are just using their support as a cash grab. Thank them for their support in following your links or ads, they are the reason for any success you have.

How to Monetize Your podcast with affiliate programs