After hours of dreaming, creating, and perfecting your brand new podcast, it’s finally time to launch it! But hold up: you can’t just hit publish and expect your podcast to explode. For your podcast to reach the ears of your dream listeners, you need to build a podcast launch marketing plan.

I’m going to walk you through my podcast launch strategy below!

Why You Need a Podcast Launch Plan

If you’re itching to get your podcast out there already, you may want to skip the launch plan part and just post about your podcast all over your social media pages. On the flip side, if the idea of marketing your own products makes you feel weird, you may be tempted to silently publish your podcast without telling a soul. Both of those routes won’t draw your ideal listeners to your podcast. Before posting to social media, you need a solid marketing plan. Don’t waste all the hard work you’ve put into your podcast. Use my proven podcast marketing strategies below to grow the podcast community of your dreams.

Create a Launch Team

A launch team can help get the word out about your podcast leading up to the release and on launch day. Your launch team should be made up of your colleagues, friends, family members, clients, and students. 

If you already have an email list or Facebook group from your business, you can also find launch team members there. The most important thing is that they are excited about your new venture and want to help it succeed.

Getting your launch team to subscribe, download, and listen to your podcast right away will automatically boost your engagement. You can also have them leave reviews to make your podcast easier to find. Finally, arm them with graphics that they can post on their social media to promote your launch.

Create Launch Assets

For a successful launch, you want consistent and powerful graphics that you can use to promote your podcast. You should also craft announcement newsletters for your email list to give them the inside scoop. All of these materials fall under the category of launch assets. The more assets you create to support your podcast, the more you will cement your brand’s look and message.

Build a Solid Launch Plan Timeline

There’s an art to podcast launch marketing plans. You don’t want to start promoting your podcast too early so that you lose people’s interest, but you also don’t want to wait until the last minute. I recommend that you reach out to your launch team members 15 days before your launch and post a podcast trailer 10 days before release day. 

Get My Podcast Launch Marketing Plan Today

For a full launch plan timeline, email templates, marketing asset ideas, and more check out my Podcast Launch Marketing Guide! It includes my step-by-step guide, checklists to keep you on track, and my best launch day advice. Grab your Podcast Launch Marketing Guide here!

With podcasts rising in popularity in the creative educator space, becoming a podcast host might be the right fit for you! Once you’ve created your concept, recorded your materials, and submitted your show, now you have to bring listeners in. My Podcast Launch Marketing Guide is your guide to creating a podcast launch marketing plan that will get your friends sharing and your audience subscribing to your podcast!