There’s a new podcasting trend that I want you to be the first to know about: Pop-Up Podcasting. This concept was created by Magan Ward, an entrepreneur, and educator for other online entrepreneurs! 

We got the scoop on how Pop-Up Podcasting works straight from Magan herself, so keep reading to learn all about it and how it can skyrocket your business growth!

What is Pop-Up Podcasting?

Magan Ward is the creator of the Pop-Up Podcast™, a private-feed podcast that is free but requires a sign-up to access it. The podcast is also only available to listen to for a limited amount of time. Magan makes her Pop-Up Podcasts™ available for six days. 

To add to the intrigue, Magan says that the episodes are bite-sized and use compelling titles like, “Kickstart Your Email List” or “The Secret to Growing Your Podcast.” Essentially, they give listeners exactly what they want to know without any extra fluff content, which makes them more likely to listen to it in a short time frame.

How Entrepreneurs Can Use Pop-Up Podcasting

You don’t have to host a standard podcast to use pop-up podcasting! In fact, it’s a great option for business owners who want to utilize podcasting to grow their business but don’t want to launch a full-blown podcast. 

With the Pop-Up Podcast™ strategy, you don’t have to drop new episodes every week. You can release a limited series of episodes to coincide with your latest offers, products, or courses.

Here’s Magan’s strategy for using Pop-Up Podcasting with a Launch:

  1. Start by introducing a problem that your listeners have that your program or product will solve
  2. Use bite-sized lessons to teach them something they can implement immediately to solve their problem
  3. Pitch your offer and what it can do for them
  4. Include testimonials and case studies from past clients

The reason that the Pop-Up Podcast™ works so well with launches is that audio is easy for your target demo to consume. It meets them where they’re at and provides valuable information that immediately serves them. Your listeners can quickly become fans of your content because it’s so accessible to them, and from there they will turn into the ideal warm leads. 

For Magan, Pop-Up Podcasting was a new spin on the old-school webinar. Her subscribers appreciated that her episodes had a low barrier to entry, and they have turned into clients that have purchased from her over and over again.

Before you release your Pop-Up Podcast™, set clear goals that you want to accomplish with it. Are you selling a course or program, trying to book more clients, or offering a VIP service? Your goals will guide how you structure your podcast episodes and promotion strategy. Check out Magan’s course, The Pop-Up Podcast™ System to learn more. 

Schedule a Pop-Up Podcast™ and Email Campaign For Your Next Launch

The beauty of the Pop-Up Podcast™ is that it’s a fast-growth event. If your cart open day is on Friday, you can release your Pop-Up Podcast™ on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You can also offer special incentives for your listeners. For example, you can release a discount code or early-bird pricing that can only be used before the pop-up episodes disappear.

You could also extend your Pop-Up Podcast™ strategy. Magan is currently experimenting with a longer runway for her most recent pop-up event. She’s releasing bite-sized episodes now to prepare for her big Black Friday launch. We’re excited to hear about those results!

Pop-Up podcasting works in tandem with your email marketing strategy. To promote your Pop-Up Podcast™, you should email your subscriber list twice a week to get as many current subscribers to sign up for the event as possible. Magan recommends promoting it for three weeks before you release your episodes. 

During the event, send out daily emails to your listeners with the new episode drop, and send out reminder emails about when the episodes will disappear. Magan’s final piece of advice is to share the heck out of your Pop-Up Podcast™! The more people you get in the door with your podcast, the better your launch will go.

If you’re ready to explore creating a Pop-Up Podcast™ from the expert herself, make sure you check out the Complete Pop-Up Podcast™ System by Magan!

Learn More From Magan Inside Mic Check Society

Magan has so much to offer online entrepreneurs, so I asked her to be a guest educator in Mic Check Society! While a Pop-Up Podcast is a great way to grow your email list, Magan is sharing all about email marketing and how to use it to grow your podcast inside of Mic Check Society! Join today to gain access to her lessons!