Creating content for your podcast can be the easiest and simultaneously hardest part of running your podcast—that’s where content batching helps. Every creator knows that there are days, even weeks, where ideas come easy and pumping out content feels like nothing. But then, there are those ruts where the flow kind of stops. While every content creator experiences this, batching your podcast content in advance can help save you from these situations! 

how content batching can streamline your podcast creation-gaffin creative

Content batching is when you prepare a large amount of content to create in advance. This way you can have weeks, even months of content scheduled and you aren’t scrambling to put out content at the last minute. This way you have a schedule that is easy to stick to because you’re ahead of schedule!

Batching your podcast content is a great way to capitalize on those times when you’re on fire with ideas and motivation to create! 

One great way to approach batching your content is to work a month in advance. Planning this far out will give you room for emergencies, changes of schedule, or grace for if you really just aren’t feeling like recording one week. 

The way you batch content is totally up to you—just find a method that works best with your workflow!

Let’s approach how you can batch your content by determining how many pieces of content you want to put out each month then split them into tasks. For example, imagine that you want to batch a month of podcast episodes, let’s look at what goes into creating those:
– Creating an outline/script/interview
– Recording the episode
– Writing the description and show notes
– Transcribing the episode
– Uploading/Scheduling the episode
– Creating social media posts
– Adding it to your newsletter
– Creating ads
– Communicating with your guest
– and so much more

This is a ton of work to do, plus you’re doing it for 4-5 episodes per month—with batching it can be totally manageable. Now, you can focus on each content type individually. Let’s walk through the steps to batching your next month of podcast content.

  1. Your first task would be to plan & outline the episodes.
  2. Next you’ll want to record those episodes or interviews (preferably in the same day or over a two day period).
  3. After that, you’ll need to edit and produce the show notes. Based on your preferences you can do these together, separately, or hire a podcast producer.
  4. Next you’ll want to create all graphics and social media content for each podcast episode.
  5. Finally, you’ll want to schedule all of the episodes on your podcast players, website, and social media.

Batching similar tasks will help you stay focused and complete more work in less time. This frees you up to focus on other parts of your business during times when you’re not batching.

Your approach to batching may look a little different from our example, but the idea is still the same. Batching your podcast content in advance is such a simple way to streamline your podcast creation. Focusing on one type of content at a time to batch helps you stay in the zone and pump out great content rather than jumping around and losing motivation. 

On a personal level, I struggled so much with content batching until I connected with Amanda Warfield, who created Club Content Batching*. Once I enrolled in this program, content creation came easier and allowed for me to produce more content without getting overwhelmed or burnt out. If you’re ready to take a deeper dive into content batching and how you can produce content without falling behind, i highly recommend enrolling in Club Content Batching*.

Another great tip we’ve found when it comes to batching content is to focus on things you love to create. If you’re not loving what you’re doing, it’s likely your content will suffer. If you put all of your focus on creating content that you hate, you’re going to burn out. Switch gears and start batching content that makes you happy. This will help you refocus and have fun creating again! When you love your content it becomes so much more valuable to you and your audience. 

how content batching can streamline your podcast creation-gaffin creative

Looking to develop your content batching skills? Club Content Batching* helps creators develop a batching schedule to consistently create great content within a community of encouraging creators to keep you accountable. Sign up today and join me in the Club Content Batching* community!

*The links to Club Content Batching used in this post are affiliate links. If you join Club Content Batching through my affiliate links, I will receive compensation for referring you to join.