Creating a free Facebook group for your podcast can be a great way to build your community and connect with your audience. Podcasters can find great value in your Facebook group, so you want to make sure it is easy to access and join.

If you already have a Facebook group, you may find that your number of members does not reflect your audience. This can be because of a common issue that many group owners have found – it’s not simple to join. Let’s dive into what can be blocking your audience from becoming members.

Creating A Free Facebook Group

You may already know all of the benefits of creating a free group on Facebook for your podcasting community. Through this free group, you can easily build a personal relationship with a larger number of your listeners. You are able to invite your members to join your email list, get direct input from dedicated listeners, and even communicate one-on-one with those members. Listeners can feel more connected to you, your show, and your brand. These connections can even turn into leads for your services and products, when your audience feels more connected they are more likely to trust you.

The Problem

Demonstrating the value of this group to your listeners is so easy because it is so valuable to them! Your dedicated listeners will hear your call to join this group and will likely take action to join. You want this process to be simple for them. Many podcasters with Facebook groups have noticed that membership numbers don’t reflect their audience or interest in the group. This is because of a major issue, from the podcast player, it wasn’t simple to join.

Listeners that followed the basic Facebook link from podcast players or even blog posts were prompted to log into Facebook. This seems simple, but logging in can be a challenge for most people. You probably relate, there are so many social media platforms and you probably don’t remember the login for all of them at the moment. That’s why we love the apps that stay logged in. So, listeners were following the link, being prompted to log in, and giving up.

How Do You Simplify This Process?

Thankfully, there is a really easy fix to this problem. Tools like URL Genius create a link that sends your listener directly into the Facebook app rather than a Facebook login page. Before they are prompted to log in, the URL Genius‘ link checks to see if they have the Facebook app. So, this removes any extra steps that may be keeping your listener from joining your group. All you have to do is, instead of linking directly to your Facebook group, put the link for your page into URL Genius and use their provided link.

Now, you have simplified the process and can expect to see more listeners joining your group.