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New podcast hosts usually see podcasting as a fun creative outlet, a way to build a community or a project to do with a friend. But when done correctly, launching a podcast can also help grow your business.

I joined Taylor Jones on the Fearless Fempire podcast to talk all about my journey as an entrepreneur and how to repurpose podcast content to grow your business. You can check out the episode here and read my recap below!

My Journey From Wedding Photographer to Podcast Producer

Did you know I used to be a wedding photographer? I had a constant side hustle for ten years before I went full-time with my business. Of course, by that point, I followed a new passion and pivoted into producing podcasts. 

The reason I didn’t jump into full-time entrepreneurship sooner was that I believed that a corporate position with benefits was the only way to have stability. When the pandemic hit and my hours were cut in half, I realized that I could make my own stability with my business. 

In December 2020, I finally turned in my notice at my corporate job and went full-time with my business. Now, I love helping other creative entrepreneurs chase their dreams through podcasting!

One way that I’ve found stability through full-time entrepreneurship is by creating multiple revenue streams. In addition to my podcast production business, I also own a photography studio that I rent out and host my own podcast. I love helping other business owners use their podcasts to create a new revenue stream.

My Biggest Failure as an Entrepreneur

Not long ago, I lost one of my best clients. Thankfully it did not disrupt my business too much, but it was still a bummer. I genuinely wanted to know why the client decided not to renew their contract, so I asked them.

The client said that I didn’t provide them with the podcasting strategy they needed. I took their feedback and reached out to all my other clients to schedule strategy sessions with them. Even though losing a client wasn’t a fun experience, it helped me improve my services and build better relationships with my other clients.

As an entrepreneur, it’s vital that you receive feedback well. You should routinely ask your clients how you could improve and serve them better.

The Benefits of Launching a Podcast as a Business Owner

I love that most of my podcast clients are women entrepreneurs like me. While I totally believe that a podcast can be a passion project that fulfills you creatively, I love strategizing ways that business owners can use their podcasts to grow their business.

Here are the top benefits:

  1. You position yourself as an expert in your field
  2. You can repurpose your content on all of your marketing channels and boost your SEO
  3. Your podcast opens the door to new networking opportunities

How to Repurpose Podcast Content

If you’ve been in the online marketing space for a while, you’ve heard of repurposing content. You take one piece of content, like an Instagram post, and turn it into a blog, email, Pinterest post, etc. 

A podcast episode takes content repurposing to a completely new level. When you start with a really solid piece of long-form content, like a podcast episode, there are endless ways you can use that content across all of your marketing channels.

I release an episode of my podcast, Clocking In with Haylee Gaffin, once a week. Every week I also release a corresponding blog post, show notes, Instagram post, and email newsletter. Since I have a different audience for each of these channels, I don’t worry about duplication. Even if there is overlap in my audience, I know that people are busy and they don’t see everything, so it’s better to reach them through multiple avenues. 

One podcast episode creates so much content for me and adds so much ease to my weekly marketing strategy. Plus, the content that comes out of this system is hardworking content that boosts my SEO over time, which means it’s still working for me this time next year.

Steps to Take Before You Launch Your Podcast

Everyone who approaches me about launching a podcast is nervous at first. I get it: you want to make sure you’re ready for the commitment, and you’re worried that it could fail. Before you leap into launching your own podcast, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have the time to invest in a podcast? That includes recording it, editing it, and marketing it. If you aren’t planning to outsource some of those tasks, then you need a couple of hours every week to work on your new episode.
  2. Can you commit to a consistent podcast schedule? I recommend that all my clients post a new podcast episode every week or every other week. Before you jump into podcasting, determine your schedule and commit to it. Consistency will help your podcast perform better and reach new listeners.

If you have the time and can be consistent, then launching a podcast can become a huge asset for your business. Want guidance in planning your new podcast? Let’s work together!

Don’t forget to listen to this episode of Fearless Fempire to hear more about my story and my best podcasting tips!

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