Content marketing is an important part of growing your Chattanooga small business in today’s social media world. Small business owners are finding that traditional advertising sometimes isn’t enough- today’s audiences are looking for something more. Creating valuable pieces of content for your audience can expand your clientele and reach your demographic in new and unique ways.  Let’s dive into how important content marketing is, how it can benefit your business, and how you might even have fun doing it!

content marketing for your chattanooga small business

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing approach in which you create content that provides value to your audience. Essentially, you’re giving your audience relevant and beneficial pieces of content in order to encourage them to complete an action.

Content marketing styles can range across media and platforms depending on what you want to create. It all depends on what works best for your small business! You may choose to create blog posts, social media photos, videos, or even Instagram Reels. It is most important to consider what your audience deems valuable content.

When planning your content, you’ll want to maintain strong and consistent visual branding. This branding should be coherent across all forms of media you produce. A consistent brand will establish your business in your audience’s mind by presenting a cohesive appearance. You can easily create this this across your content by maintaining one style across your brand images.   

 You may not know where to start when it comes to content marketing for your Chattanooga small business. That’s okay, Gaffin Creative is here to help! 

Haylee Gaffin began The Studio by Gaffin Creative to help small business owners come together for creative collaboration to promote others to success! As a photographer and entrepreneur, Haylee knows the benefits of content marketing for small businesses. That’s why The Studio is the perfect place to start your journey into content marketing. 

Planning and Creating Content in The Studio 

Bright and open spaces welcome you in to focus or provide a great backdrop for content creation! The Studio’s many rooms give you endless opportunities to create. Whether you’re looking for a backdrop to shoot some content, or just a quiet space to plan, The Studio is perfect for you. When you rent The Studio you have the whole space to yourself-no more distractions! You have total privacy to focus in, or spread out and create great content. 

The best part of content marketing for your small business is you get to plan the content! Create what you want, and what your audience will love. The Studio gives you all the space you need to create virtually any type of content! Entrepreneurs and creators rent The Studio to generate a whole range of content styles. From headshots and product photos, to tutorials, videos, and even reels-we’ve seen it all done at The Studio. 

Check out some of the great content creators have generated in The Studio! 

Wide open spaces with plenty of light create a great backdrop to shoot headshots for your social media, website, or even your LinkedIn. The natural environments and specially designed spaces give you the opportunity to create headshots and lifestyle portraits that stand out among a sea of simple and cliche photos. 

The content you create can do so much more than just function as posts for your social media. You can repurpose it across platforms and further establish your branding with consistency.

Find unique ways to reach your audience while establishing your brand. This may look like sharing a photo of you in order to put a personable face to your small business.

Let your audience get to know you a bit. Show them you’re the one building this Chattanooga small business. 

Spread out at The Studio and portray an environment that fits you and your brand. Make it your own!


Are you wanting to get really creative with your content marketing? One great way to get your audience’s attention is to find new methods of reaching them. Instagram Reels are rising in popularity among many demographics. Chances are, your audience already watches them. It’s the perfect chance to reach them in a unique way-and have some fun while doing it. 

The Studio’s rooms and backdrops make the perfect place to create Reels. Not only do you have plenty of spaces to create in, you also get total privacy the whole time. A lot of creators don’t have the space to experiment with Reels, The Studio gives you just that and more. 


Content styles may look different for every small business. Yet, you want to remember that the content you produce should be providing value to your desired audience. You may decide to create headshots, product photos, videos, or even a podcast!

The Studio by Gaffin Creative is the perfect place to tackle any type of content! Ready to elevate your content marketing? You can book your rental at The Studio at https://gaffincreative.com/studio/.

Need help narrowing down your options and creating valuable content for your audience? Gaffin Creative loves working with small business owners to generate unique content to reach new audiences. Head to gaffincreative.com/contact to get started with Gaffin Creative!

content marketing for your chattanooga small business