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Clocking in with haylee gaffin
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podcast for entrepreneurs & Professionals

Clocking in with haylee gaffin
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Clocking in with haylee gaffin

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Episode 006: What to Consider Before You Launch a Podcast

In the last year, we’ve seen an explosive rise in the podcast industry. You likely know a few people who've launched them and thought about the possibility of launching one yourself. In today's episode, I'm sharing a few things you should consider before you launch a...

Episode 005: How I Paid Off My Student Loan Debt

Does it feel like you're being crushed by a pile of student loan debt that will never be paid off? In this episode of Clocking In, we're discussing all things related to student loans and how I paid off my $36 thousand dollars of student loan debt in two and a half...

Welcome to the Clocking in Podcast with Haylee Gaffin, the podcast for entrepreneurs and professionals making their way in the working world.

On this podcast, we’ll be talking to and about powerful women. Whether you’re an entrepreneur building your business, a professional working your way up the ladder, a friend supporting my podcast, or looking for another podcast to binge, you’ve found the right podcast and this space is for you.

Join me every Monday morning, where you can expect to hear stories and advice on life, entrepreneurship, career, business, and more.

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3 Reasons to Launch Your Podcast with Multiple Episodes

Launching a podcast comes with many decisions, one important one being how many episodes to publish on your launch day. At Gaffin Creative, we encourage all of our podcasts to launch with at least 3 episodes! Posting multiple episodes when you launch brings a variety...

Where You Can License Royalty Free Podcast Music

Finding music you can use on your podcast isn't as tough of a task as you might believe. There are a variety of websites that sell licenses for royalty free music. It's important that you're looking for two things when searching for music: Royalty Free MusicLicensing...

What to Include In Your Podcast Guest Media Kit

Being a guest on podcasts can help grow your brand, influence, and eligibility to speak on stages. Once you’ve been accepted as a guest on a podcast, the host or producer will likely reach out for your assets or media kit. Let’s make their job a little easier by...

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