So, you’re ready to jump into the world of podcasting? You may have a concept, setup, and all of the tools necessary to get started- but have you named your show? This simple step can be one of the most challenging of all! The name of your podcast is your audience’s first impression, similar to the title and cover of a book, and that first impression is crucial!

choosing the perfect name for your podcast

At this point in the creation of your show, you should have your topic and concept nailed down. You know what kind of podcast you will be creating. From here, you can begin to brainstorm names. Take the concept and think of unique and creative ways you can tell or hint your audience to understanding the genre of your show.

Gaffin Creative has the perfect resource for helping you through this stage. The Podcast Planning Workbook provides a step-by-step guide into the whole process of taking your podcast from concept to reality. Not only will you have the assets to help you craft the perfect podcast title, but the workbook also helps you develop every aspect from budgeting, gear, branding, selecting music, and more! Access this great asset and other podcast resources in the Gaffin Creative Podcast Shop.

During your brainstorming session, make sure to keep it short and simple! A great podcast name gets to the point and is easy for your audience to remember. Creativity is important, but you don’t want to get too wild here. Listeners need to be able to remember your title off the top of their head, a lengthy and abstract title might get a little confusing. Shorter is stronger!

Still stuck on this part? Welder is an AI-powered site that helps you create a podcast name. Use this as a part of your brainstorming to help you create a unique name.

Now you’ve named your podcast, let’s make sure that no one else has already used it! Your podcast is totally original, you want your title to be as well. Do a thorough internet search of your desired name. Don’t forget to check social media, you’ll need that profile name too. Namechckr is a great resource for ensuring your title is all yours!

The final step is to grab those website domains and social handles. Now’s the time to ensure your podcast name is yours and yours alone! Think of any social platform you may want to use, go ahead and create the profile for your podcast to secure that handle.

Your podcast is named and ready to go. Still need help naming your podcast? Make sure you grab our Podcast Naming Worksheet!

choosing the perfect name for your podcast