What does it meant to hire a brand photographer for entrepreneurs? Well, your brand and everything that goes with it represent who you are and what you do. After working so hard to define that, it’s important that it’s reflected in your brand photography. Successful branding tells your story through images and other visual elements. Brand photography is a major part of crafting your visual story for your clients.

Haylee Gaffin, lead photographer at Gaffin Creative knows the importance of brand photography and wants to help you create a collection of brand photos to elevate your visuals, that’s one reason she is focused on being a Chattanooga brand photographer for entrepreneurs.

Sara Fisher is a project manager in the tech field based out of Chattanooga. When she was exploring more opportunities to grow her business, she new that having professional photos for her Linkedin and website were important. In any facet of entrepreneurship, you are the face and voice of your endeavor. Portraying yourself in a professionally appealing way is key to creating trust with clients and investors.

For most creative entrepreneurs, it’s important to allow for more personal expression within the branding session. Sara’s brand is creative, yet professional, so her photos needed to be as well.

As a Chattanooga brand photographer for entrepreneurs, Haylee at Gaffin Creative will work with you on telling your story to your clients. Providing strong brand photography builds a foundational relationship with those viewing your social media or website and utilizing the right branding images is crucial in building connections with your clients. 

Looking to update your brand photography? Gaffin Creative is ready to help you tell your story as an entrepreneur through your branding images. 

We work with you to facilitate a session that best reflects you and your brand!

Our options allow you to choose between a classically simple headshot session or a more in-depth branding session like the one featured here with Sara.   

To book your session with Gaffin Creative, head to Gaffincreative.com/headshots and simply inquire with the provided form!

We can’t wait to capture your story!