Using an intake form helps gather all the assets you need for a guest. This is an easy way to have all your guests’ information in one place so you don’t have to scramble to find their information.

9 Items to Request on Your Podcast Intake Form

Email address: This allows you to reach out to the guests before and after the interview on your podcast.

Name: This makes sure that you have the correct spelling, as well as, the right pronunciation. 

Business Name: Gives them a chance to shout out their business and what they do if you are okay with including it in your podcast.

Website: Gives you a place to find out more about the guest or their business. 

Social Media links: Another outlet to find out more about the guest or their business

Address: Include this if you are willing to send the guest some sort of thank you gift for taking the time to speak on your podcast.

Bio: Allows them to give some background on who they are and what they are about.

Headshot: Gives you a chance for to put a face to the name.

Optional Freebie : If you are willing, you can offer the guest an opportunity to share some sort of freebie or promotional item.

Where to Host Your Podcast Intake Form

Now that you have each of the components to build your form, let’s talk about where you can host your form! Here are some websites you can use to create your forms quickly and efficiently:

Your CRM: Many CRM websites offer a place to create forms and questionnaires for your clients to fill out. By utilizing your CRM, you’re also more likely to streamline the workflow of your podcast guest communication. If you’re looking for a CRM, I highlight recommend Honeybook. Feel free to use my affiliate link to get started and get a discounted rate on your subscription!

Google Forms: Google Forms has a free standard version but also offers a paid professional version if that works better for you.

Jotform: Jotform allows you to create forms and get responses sent directly to your email. Jot form offers a free and paid version depending on how much storage you will need.

Typeform: Typeform offers a way to create beautiful surveys without having to know how to code.

I hope this has helped you to create your podcast intake form. If you’re looking for more educational content around podcasting or want to build connections in the podcast space, come join Mic Check Society! Inside Mic Check Society, we periodically release new content, host virtual coworking sessions, Jump on monthly hot seat calls, and connect with the other podcasters inside our private Facebook group. Get more details about Mic Check Society below!