One thing that podcast hosts often overlook is vocal health. When you speak into a microphone for a living, or for your side hustle or hobby, it’s important to prepare your voice. 

As a podcast host myself, I’ve developed easy ways to get my voice ready to record. If you batch record your podcasts, this blog is for you!

5 Ways to Prepare your Voice for a Podcast Recording

1. Rest your voice before and after you record

On the day you record, speak softly to save your vocal strength. When you’re done, rest your voice again to let it recover. 

2. Drink plenty of water

Ask any professional singer: staying hydrated is key to maintaining vocal health.

3. Drink soothing tea

Drinking a great herbal or green tea is an easy way to warm up your voice. Ginger, chamomile, and peppermint all have soothing qualities, and you can add honey to make it even better.

4. Practice enunciating your words

I bet you didn’t realize how much you mumble or trip over your words until you became a podcast host. Before you hit record, warm up by enunciating some of the words that are hard to get out.

5. Avoid caffeine

Caffeine dries out your throat, so I recommend quitting coffee at least an hour before you hit record.

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