Are you wanting to launch yourself as a public speaker? Or simply looking to land more opportunities on podcasts or at speaking events? The best way to establish yourself as a voice in your field is to provide a speaking page on your site. 

5 Things To Include on Your Speaking Page to Pitch Yourself

A speaking page is your chance to prove to podcast hosts and event planners that you should be hired to speak for their audience. Using this page, you can promote yourself by showing your credibility and expertise. 

There are 5 major elements you should include to build the most effective speaking page.

Your Bio

Show whoever may be browsing your speaking page why you’re the perfect person to speak to their audience. Let them know who you are, what you do, and why you’re an expert voice. This is your time to humblebrag quite a bit. Keep it concise, but let everyone know that you know what you’re talking about. 

You can start by giving your credentials, what makes you an expert on the topics you’ll speak about. 

Then, add some personality by sharing more of your background and your passion. What sets you apart from another speaker? What experiences do you have that others might not? Giving more personal insight into who you are will clarify who you relate to or who your perfect audience is. 

Topics in Your Zone of Genius 

If a podcast host or event planner is looking at you to speak to their audience, they’ll want to know what you love to talk about. Give 3-4 topics or themes that you feel confident and excited to speak on. Provide short descriptions on each topic, along with key talking points or takeaways. You don’t want to be hired for an event and have to speak on a topic that you don’t know or care about.

These topics should show a range in your interest and expertise to demonstrate that you’re qualified. They should also be topics that you have spoken on before and are event-ready should you be booked. 


Now that you’ve shared about who you, why you’d make a great speaker, and what you talk about, provide examples of any features or previous speaking gigs you’ve had. You’ll want to include photos, videos, or other resources that highlight your experience. As you are a guest on different podcast episodes, make sure you’re requesting their logo to add it to your website in your featured section.

Haven’t spoken at an event yet? No worries! You can use this space to further prove that you are an expert in your field or topic. Provide any resources you have that show your expertise and set you apart from other speakers. 


Your testimonials are basically like the reviews section on Amazon, except you choose what gets shown. Use this chance to provide quotes from event planners, audiences of past events, or other experts in similar fields who have spoken highly of you. Doing so will further solidify your credibility to anyone looking to hire you. 

A Call To Action

Now that you’ve pitched yourself, give a call to action. Provide a space that allows someone to contact you or even better, book you. The most effective way to do this is to utilize a contact form at the bottom of your speaking page. Your contact/inquiry form can help you gather the information of the person looking to hire you. With this, you can receive their contact information, what event they are hiring for, and what they want you to speak about. Create a form that is clean, simple, and easily filled out to produce a smooth experience for your prospective client. 

Creating an appealing speaking page is an extremely practical way to book more events and build your brand. You’ll want to be genuine and authentic on this page as well as consistent with your brand. Effective use of this page is a great reflection on you and your expertise in your field. 

5 Things to Include on Your Speaking Page to Pitch Yourself