Creating show notes for your podcast is a great benefit for both you and your listeners! Your show notes are essentially the key topics you cover in the particular episode.

3 things to include in your podcast show notes

This is also the place that you can provide resources, social links, and even products you mention that are relevant to your episode. By providing show notes, you’re giving additional context and content to your audience. 

Show notes are posted on your site included on the page for the specific episode. They can be placed below the episode player for simultaneous reading and listening! 

What Should You Include in Your Podcast Show Notes?

Episode Summary

A major use for your show notes is a summary of what you talked about. This can persuade potential listeners or catch them up on what they might have missed. Write a one to two paragraph summary of the episode’s contents. This can be a modified version of your episode description. You’ll want to also include a short bio on any guest featured in the episode. Show your audience who they are and what makes them an expert on your given topic. 

The summary should then include a numbered or bulleted list with timecodes. Provide a title or sentence for that point and the time code for each. For example, 

  • What is a Podcast? (02:30)
  • Show notes are incredibly useful for your podcast (04:35)

Those viewing your show notes can quickly see what you talked about, or fast-forward to a part they didn’t quite catch. This summary is the intro to the listener looking at your show notes, make them feel welcome, and engage them to keep reading! 


Your show notes should be the destination for your listeners who want to learn more. So, provide resources to them woven through your bullet points and at the end of your show notes. These resources may be further information on a specific topic talked about or links to your guest’s socials.  

Give links to any books, blogs, products, or anything mentioned that you feel will help your listener. 

Call to Action

Now that your audience has made their way to your site and read your show notes, you have to opportunity to engage them with more content or a product you are selling. You can provide a call to action at the end of your show notes. This call to action will differ across all podcasters, whether you’re wanting to direct your listeners to your product/service or just wanting them to follow along with you on your socials. 

Maybe you have a sponsor or an affiliate link? This is the perfect chance for you to plug them as well!

Be sure to provide easy links to avoid any hassle for your audience. 

Bonus Tip

Your show notes page is also a great opportunity to boost your SEO. Include relevant keywords throughout your notes.

Need help with your SEO game? Check out our blog on the 5 Simple Ways You Can Improve SEO for Your Podcast Show Notes.

Remember to remind your audience within your audio that you provide show notes and what they can find there. This will encourage them to head to your site and engage with your content there.

3 things to include in your podcast show notes

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