Customize Your Podcast Player Icons

Are you making it easy for your podcast listeners to find your podcast on every player? Maybe you need a podcast player links page on your website, like mine!

With so many players on the market, there are dozens of different brands that likely don’t match yours—that’ why we’ve created this free canva template of podcast player pcons for you to customize with your own brand colors.

Inside this free template, you’ll find instructions and fully customizable podcast player icons to match your unique brand. Sign up below to get instant access to stunning designs that will elevate your podcast presence. 

Check Out My Customized Icons

What Others Are Saying

Thank you Haylee for creating this easy drag and drop template to create a one stop landing page for my listeners! I’m loving this link on my website so I gain the SEO and traction on my page and it makes sending links so much easier! Now when I create posts or insta stories, I can grab this link and listeners can select a favorite player! I love that I can splash these branded icons all over my blog, website and email newsletter, too!!

Quianna Marie

Quianna Marie Weekly

Chattanooga, TN