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Podcast Launch Program

Launch your podcast in 6 weeks without overwhelm!


Inside Podcast Launch Program

WHO IS Podcast Launch Program FOr?

Have you been dreaming about hosting your own podcast? Maybe you want to facilitate meaningful conversations, grow a community, or use a podcast to propel your brand to the next level.

If you are ready to launch your podcast in 2022 then Podcast Launch Program is for you! A lot of time and effort goes into creating a successful podcast, so you want your launch day to be a huge success! I can help you produce the podcast of your dreams, find your ideal audience, and create systems to make it simple and fun. 

Not sure what podcast gear you need? Need to come up with a catchy podcast name? Feeling overwhelmed about landing sponsorships? I’m going to guide you through every aspect of podcasting, from the big milestones to the nitty-gritty details!

When you sign up for Podcast Launch Program you’ll be able to:

– Plan every aspect of your podcast launch, from planning content to gaining listeners!

– Setup your podcast to be found on every major podcasting platform

Record solo episodes and episodes with guests without any stress!

– Learn how to edit and produce your own episodes

Brainstorm your ideas and get feedback from other podcasters!

This program is for you if… you’re ready to launch your podcast in 2022, want to use your podcast to grow your brand, and have 4 hours a week to work on your podcast launch!

After just 6 short weeks you’ll be able to launch and scale your dream podcast, plus you’ll recieve two additional weeks of support!

Inside Podcast Launch Program

What to expect

Audio/Video Lessons
Dropped W

Every week, we’ll have a primary focus for your podcast planning and launch—these will be delivered to the Podcast Launch Program dashboard for you to watch each week before our group calls, then reference later if you have additional questions. You’ll have access to the lessons for one year to refer back to at any point.

Weekly Group
Coaching Calls

Once you’ve had a chance to watch your weekly lesson, we’ll regroup on Thursdays to review any submitted questions you may have had throughout the week. These calls will also be used to connect, share ideas, and brainstorm if you get stuck. The coaching calls are also recorded so you can refer back to them.

Community of Podcasters

What I’m most excited for with Podcast Launch Program is that you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other podcasters on the same journey as you. Whether you’re looking for friendships, guest connections, or just ideas, you’ll get to connect with fellow creatives and peers in the group!


If you need accountability to stay on track, we’ll be hosting a variety of silent and spoken co-working sessions based on the needs of the group! I’ll be available to answer your questions as needed, but it’ll be a great time to work on your podcast!

June 22 – August 5, 2022


Week 1: Podcast Planning

We’ll walk through planning out each and every aspect of your podcast from the name and description to your goals, categories, and more!

Week 2: Systems & Workflows

Let’s set your podcast up for success and efficiency by building a system that works for you and allows you to stay on track!

Week 3: Content Planning & Writing

In week 3, we’ll start brainstorming and building out your content! I want you to launch your podcast with three months of content planned.

Week 4: Recording & Production

You’ll learn how to record solo episodes and interviews, then produce your show with intros, outros, and ads!

Week 5: Getting on Podcast players

After we’ve finished up your trailer and initial assets, we’ll  create your account with a podcast hosting platform & submit your show.

Week 6: Podcast Wrapup Week

This is the week that you’ll put final touches on your podcast, content, and assets! 

Bonus Week 7: Launch & Support Week

While you’ll have the option to launch whenever you want, for those looking to launch before the program ends, you’ll get an additional two weeks of support from our team on a weekly call! This means you should plan to launch during week 7 or 8.

Bonus Week 8: Launch & Support Week

While you’ll have the option to launch whenever you want, for those looking to launch before the program ends, you’ll get an additional two weeks of support from our team on a weekly call! This means you should plan to launch during week 7 or 8.


Doors to Podcast Launch Program close on Sunday June 19th.

Is PLP Right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to launch my podcast by the end of the six weeks?

No. While my goal is to have each person select a launch date during weeks 5-6, you can wait to launch your podcast at a time that feels right for you. Please note that once the program and the two additional support weeks end, you will have to pay for additional support if needed.

How long does the program last?

The six week program kicks off on June 22, 2022 and wraps up on August 6, 2022. You’ll have an additional two weeks of group coaching support to help with any delays or post-launch questions.

The schedule for cohort 1 will look as follows:

Kickoff Call – June 22
Week 1 – June 27 – July 1
Week 2 – July 4 – 8
Week 3 – July 11 – 15
Week 4 – July 18 – 22
Week 5 – July 25 – 29
Week 6 – August 1 – 5
Week 7 & 8 – August 8 – 19 (Launch & Support Weeks)

Does this program include editing of my podcast?

While this program will teach you how to edit your podcast, editing and production is not included in the cost. You can upgrade your program to have our team handle your editing and production, but please note that these packages are limited.

How long will I have access to the resources?

You will have access to the Podcast Launch Program Resources and Recordings for one year.

Are the lessons and coaching calls recorded?

Yes, all lessons will be pre-recorded and dropped each week. The group coaching sessions will be recorded and available for replay the same week they happen.

Do I have to have a business for this program to work for me?

Most of my clients are entrepreneurs, but you do not have to have a business in order for this program to work for you! We’ll take a look at your goals and purpose for launching your podcast in week one so you can make strategic decisions that serve your podcast best!

Will you tell me what gear to purchase?

While there are plenty of great options out there, I will share a gear guide with you to help you make the best decision for you!

Does this program include 1 on 1 calls?

The 6 week group podcast launch program does not include 1 on 1 calls, but you will have access to purchase 1 on 1 support calls through the program.

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