chattanooga photography studio

Are you a photographer looking for a photography studio for rent in Chattanooga? The Studio by Gaffin Creative is the place for you!

 Let’s take a look around The Studio to see all that it has to offer!

Chattanooga Photography Studio

Location is everything and The Studio is located right in the middle of Chattanooga, Tennessee! This location is perfect for photographers in the Chattanooga region looking for a convenient space for their next shoot. 

The Studio’s range of spaces give you plenty of room to try different settings and add some variety to your shoot. 

The Lounge is the inviting welcome into The Studio. Furnished with stylish, homey decor you can utilize this space for a range of photo styles. Our photographers love this space for headshots, branding sessions, and even more laid-back shoots. 

next up we have our Big Window Room. We love the beautiful natural lighting the big window gives here! In this space, we have simple and trendy decor that creates a nice backdrop for all types of sessions.

When looking for a photography studio to rent, most photographers are looking for versatility. The Big Window Room is a perfect example of the versatility you can get at The Studio. We’ve seen beautiful boudoir shoots, branding sessions, product photography, and so many other types of amazing shoots done in this room.

Our photographers love the dreamy natural light created by the big window! You’ll definitely want to take advantage of it during your rental.

Chattanooga Photography Studio for Rent
chattanooga photography studio

Last, but definitely not least, we have The Boudoir Room. This space is phenomenal for boudoir sessions as well as other types of shoots. Our photographers have taken some beautiful family sessions and even fantastic product photography in this room.



The Studio is a place where photographers are given space to express their creative visions fully within our variety of rooms and settings. Haylee Gaffin of Gaffin Creative is passionate about working with Chattanooga photographers in a community of collaborative creation-that’s what The Studio is all about.

If you’re looking for a photography studio for rent in Chattanooga, look no further than The Studio by Gaffin Creative. 

We want to provide options that work for you when it comes to renting The Studio! Whether you’re looking to knock out a quick shoot or are in it for the long haul, we have choices for you. 




Includes Full Day on Sat or Sun



Includes Full Day on a Weekday



Includes 5 Hours
(Morning or Evening Selections)



Available Weekdays Only



Chattanooga Photography Studio

Ready to book The Studio by Gaffin Creative for your next shoot? Simply head over to gaffincreative.com/studio to inquire!