Boudoir Photography by Brittany Burris

Boudoir photography is a beautifully intimate style of photography that has become increasingly popular! Many photographers are looking for a Chattanooga boudoir studio for rent, that’s one reason I opened The Studio by Gaffin Creative in Chattanooga, TN.

Boudoir shoots are an opportunity for the model to feel confident and sexy.  As a photographer myself, I know how important it is to create this atmosphere. While I personally don’t shoot boudoir, I love renting The Studio to photographers who do—more importantly photographers who know how to make the model comfortable and provide ample privacy. 

Speaking of photographers who shoot boudoir, Brittany Burris rented The Studio by Gaffin Creative to shoot this boudoir session.

The Studio is a space perfect for a range of photography styles, especially boudoir. The variety of rooms and spaces provided the perfect backdrops for Brittany’s shoot, while also giving her model a sense of privacy from the outside world.

Boudoir photographers love The Studio because of the total privacy you can have.

When you rent The Studio, you have free reign over the space. During your rental session, you and your model are free to use all of the rooms and spaces for your shoot.

The Studio is all yours, so you get total privacy!

During your boudoir shoot, your model should feel free to pose in any way they feel confident and sexy. The privacy you have in The Studio can help you create a comfortable environment in order to capture great shots. 

A successful boudoir shoot has a lot of variety of poses and settings. The Studio’s four rooms give you plenty of options for your shoot. Each room is designed to create the perfect backdrop for a range of styles. The boudoir room is specifically set up for boudoir shoots. Furnished with a bed and cozy furniture, you and your model will have space to try all of your creative ideas. 

Brittany was able to utilize the simple and on-trend decor within The Studio while adding touches of her own desired style. Implementing her client’s style into this session made the photos pop on a whole other level. Brittany clearly was able to make her model feel fully confident to freely pose and make the space her own. 


Brittany’s boudoir shoot is just one great example of the amazing sessions we see here at The Studio all of the time!  The Studio is a space for creators of all types to come together and produce beautifully inspiring work. 

For this particular shoot, Brittany brought in her own sheets and tapestry to set up and make the space her own to create a look that the client was going for! 

If you’re looking for an inviting and welcoming space for your next boudoir photography shoot in Chattanooga, look no further than The Studio by Gaffin Creative. 

We want to provide options that work for you when it comes to renting The Studio! Whether you’re looking to knock out a quick shoot or are in it for the long haul, we have choices for you. 




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Includes 5 Hours
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Ready to book The Studio by Gaffin Creative for your next boudoir shoot? Simply head over to gaffincreative.com/studio to inquire!

Looking for a photographer to shoot your boudoir photos? This incredible shoot was by Brittany Burris, a Chattanooga boudoir photographer. Check out her Facebook for more details!