Boudoir Photography by Brittany Burris

The Studio by Gaffin Creative is a Chattanooga Boudoir Studio for rent, as well as a space for community and collaboration. The Studio is located in the unique city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, only 15 minutes from downtown Chattanooga! If you’re looking for a Chattanooga Boudoir Studio for rent, this space is a great resource for local Chattanooga boudoir photographers! The Studio has multiple rooms that allow you to create a variety of images, looks, and styles for your clients!

Let’s chat about The Boudoir Room in The Studio by Gaffin Creative in Chattanooga! The Boudoir Room is just one of the rooms photographers can utilize for a shoot! Boudoir sessions in this space pop thanks to the soft natural lighting, cozy decor, and comfortable atmosphere. This incredible shoot by Brittany Burris is the perfect example of the beautiful and versatile shots you can capture here. 

The decor of the Boudoir Room is designed to create the intimately cozy vibe perfect for this style of shoot. In the perfect boudoir shoot your model looks completely confident and comfortable, the furniture and decor in here helps with that!

When shooting in this space, you’ll want to take advantage of every corner! Your pictures are sure to stun no matter where you choose to shoot in the Boudoir Room. Each area of this room allows you to capture a variety of beautiful shots. 

Additionally, when shooting boudoir, it’s crucial that your model feels comfortable. This style of shoot is very intimate and requires an assurance of privacy.

When you rent The Studio, the space is all yours! For the duration of your rental you are in total control. No need to worry about someone barging in—you and your model can have peace and privacy. 

If you’re looking for a Chattanooga Boudoir Studio for rent, and are ready to shoot your next boudoir session at The Studio, we’ve made the booking process super easy! We offer booking options to fit what works best for you! Whether you’re wanting to utilize the space for a few hours or a full day, we can work with you! 




Includes Full Day on Sat or Sun



Includes Full Day on a Weekday



Includes 5 Hours
(Morning or Evening Selections)



To book your rental for The Studio by Gaffin Creative head to gaffincreative.com/studio and fill out the simple inquiry form!

While Gaffin Creative doesn’t offer boudoir photography at this time, we love when Chattanooga boudoir photographers rent our space! For example, the images from this post were captured by the talented Brittany Burris, a Chattanooga boudoir photographer. If you’d like Brittany to shoot your photos in The Studio, make sure you inquire with her and tell her that Gaffin Creative sent you!

You can connect with Brittany on Facebook & Instagram!