Chattanooga Boudoir Studio

Boudoir photography captures an intimately romantic celebration of beauty and confidence. This style has found increasing popularity with photographers and their clients.  Many photographers are looking for a Chattanooga boudoir studio for rent, that’s one reason I opened The Studio by Gaffin Creative in Chattanooga, TN.

Boudoir shoots are an opportunity for the model to feel confident and sexy. As a photographer myself, I know how important it is to create this atmosphere. While I personally don’t shoot boudoir, I love renting The Studio to photographers who do—more importantly, photographers who know how to provide a clean, private, and comfortable atmosphere for their model.

Ginger Sumerlin is the incredible Chattanooga photographer who rented The Studio for this boudoir shoot. She is fantastic at creating an environment where the model feels confident and beautiful!

Ginger loves working exclusively with women looking for a unique gift for their spouses.  She rented The Studio for her boudoir shoot because of the privacy, comfort, and cleanliness she can promise to her clients. The women Ginger works with love the extreme level of comfort they find with Ginger in The Studio; the stunning photos prove the impact a great boudoir studio can make on your client!

When you rent The Studio, you have free reign over the space-The Studio is all yours! Feel free to move around between the rooms, make the place your own. Our photographers love adding personal touches to the boudoir studio to create images perfect for their clients!

As we said, the Studio is only open to you during your rental-so you get total privacy! During your boudoir shoot, your client should feel confident to pose in any way they want.  No unwanted visitors or onlookers to worry about here!

Another great perk of The Studio is you no longer have to worry about curating the perfect backdrop for your shoot, we’ve already done that! Everything you may need for a boudoir shoot is waiting for you in The Studio. We do all of the cleaning and prep all of our rooms to be picture-perfect before you even arrive. 

Boudoir photography requires a lot of creativity, we want the boudoir studio to be ready for you to work your boudoir magic!

Each room is deeply cleaned and rearranged after every rental session. Less work for you-more time to take great photos! 


Chattanooga Boudoir Studio

Renting a boudoir studio for your shoot has so many perks!

You have a photographable space, that you didn’t have to prepare! We’ve designed The Studio with shoots like yours in mind-every space is a perfect spot for beautiful photos. 

Save money and rent when you need a space with The Studio. Don’t worry about monthly fees that go to waste when you don’t even use a studio. The Studio can be rented by the hour or day, only pay for what you need!

On top of all of that, when you rent The Studio you’re supporting local small businesses. Haylee Gaffin of Gaffin Creative is a local photographer passionate about creating spaces to cultivate community and collaborate with other creatives. That’s what The Studio is all about!


Chattanooga Boudoir Studio

If you’re looking for a Chattanooga Boudoir Studio for rent, and are ready to shoot your next boudoir session at The Studio, we’ve made the booking process super easy! We offer booking options to fit what works best for you! Whether you’re wanting to utilize the space for a few hours or a full day, we can work with you! 

We offer the following rental options at The Studio by Gaffin Creative:

Weekday Hourly – $40/hour

Half Weekday – $125 (5 hours)

Full Weekday – $200

Full Weekend Day – $250

Book your studio rental here.


Chattanooga Boudoir Studio

Ready to book The Studio by Gaffin Creative for your next boudoir shoot? Simply head over to gaffincreative.com/studio to inquire!

Looking for a photographer to shoot your boudoir photos? This beautiful shoot was captured by Ginger Sumerlin, Chattanooga photographer. 

See Ginger’s work and book your session here!